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 Hammocks Care?
  Fig. 1
To wash hammock: Hand wash in mild detergent (colors may bleed some) Always tie up arm strings to avoid tangles. Put inside a pillow case while washing.
To store hammock hang both ends from one hook on the wall, or fold it up and store it (fig.1) Do not leave it lying around unfalded.
Weather: hammocks last longer if not left out exposed to the elements. Cotton hammocks are more durable than synthetics wich break down under
the suns ultraviolet rays. Still, it is best to store your hammock indoors when not in use.

Do not hang hammock directly on hooks as friction wearing may occur. Instead loop a chain or rope from hook through the loop end of the hammock and back to hook (fig.2)
Always hold hammock by loop ends to avoid tang to repair: Should a string break on an open wave hammock, it will not run, however, you must tie the two broken ends together to avoid the
development of a hole.

  Fig. 2
Sit with your back to the hammock, as if you are about to sit on a chair. Reach behind you and spread out the hammock before sitting. This ensure you make full use of the space and your weigth is distribuited evenly. Now sit down and lay back NEVER climb in feet first.
Swing your legs over the side and sit up.  Then standing hold the edges of the hammock and push yourself up and off.

The most comfortable way is at an angle,   this allows you to lie flat with better distribution of weight, lessening tension, and supporting your back for complete comfort.  Some of the wide hammocks (Yucatan and Maya) are best when lying across the center Double hammocks can sit two people in a variety of positions.  You can experiment and find your favorite.

  Fig. A,B,C
Oe on porch: Hang hammock from wall studs or ceiling beams.  Find center of stud or beam and with a power drill screw in hooks. Then hang hammock. You can use a rope to compensate the extra distance.
Use side of house or garage. You can use strong fence post, and plant your own post across from it. You may also use available trees, or one tree and one post.
If there are'nt trees or usable walls, place two posts the correct distance apart and hang your hammock between them. Post must be 8 ft long and holes dug 2-3 ft deep so posts stand above grounds 5-6 ft. Use cement to secure.
From trees: Use hooks if trees can take them without damages; or tie rope around trunk or strong branch.
May be used on boat. (i.e. hung from mast to forestay)
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